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A Miracle

Here I am, though none can see me
Safe within a cushioned home.
Months of planning, hoping, praying,
just a week and yet, I've grown.

Such a miracle to witness
From the seed of man and wife.
This, a blessed act of union,
From this love there springs new life.

Deep within , my heart is beating,
Though I am still very small,
How can anybody question
"is this really life at all ?"

How I feel my fathers presence,
How I love my mothers voice,
Calming waters all around me,
this my life and this my choice.

Now I know they feel my movement ,
How I love to feel their touch,
Only half way there, yet perfect,
I resemble them so much!

With each day I grow I'm certain,
I am a gift from God above,
By my life and by my presence,
I reflect our fathers love.

Now the time is fast approching,
Through the miracle of birth,
Let me show these many doubters,
What my tiny life is worth.

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Joseph E. Mortimer, President
John Stapleton, Vice President
Joseph E. Mortimer III, Secretary-Treasurer

"Everyone in the organization serves without earthly compensation."

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